Sex, Lies & Serious Money PDF Download

By: Stuart Woods

Relase Date: 2016-10-25

Genre: Action & Adventure, Fiction & Literature

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Ends abruptly with neither a climax nor a conclusion of any sort.

Mystery Lover 68

So bland. Unimaginative.


My fault for purchasing this book. Woods has given up writing quality fiction.


Where, oh where did the real Stuart Woods go? You know, the Stuart Woods that used to write the interesting books, the ones that were not predictable. Thank goodness I borrowed this one from my library (and returned it after 7 chapters) because I would be beyond upset if I'd paid actually hard earned money for this. I'd much rather wait 6-9 months for a book with substance than this constant drivel.




This may be one of the worst Stuart Woods books ever published. A real disappointment. Mr. Woods has demonstrated over the years that he knows how to write and construct an exciting story. Neither of those talents is on display here. Perhaps Mr. Woods in his pursuit of building a "Patterson" like brand is wasting his talents on publishing by the pound and ignoring quality.

Rocket N Roll

I used to be a fan of this series but the books are getting worse and worse. This one reads as if it is just a list of things the author wants to buy - names of stores, restaurants, planes, cars... but no story. I may as well just watch Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.

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