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By: Terri Blackstock

Relase Date: 2017-03-21

Genre: Religious, Fiction & Literature

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I am always scared to read the sequel to a phenomenal book but blackstock did not disappoint with If I'm found. Her writing is very good as is her character development. She made me feel as if I was actually in Casey's head as she and Dylan fought to solve the crime. I could not put this book down and was very disappointed when it was over. Now I'm just counting down the days until the last book comes out (hoping it's the last??).


Well crafted characters but the plot is somewhat like watching one of those movies featuring a high speed car race, which you feel may never end.


IF I'M FOUND by Terri Blackstock.Anther thriller that catches you from first page. Casey on the run, needs to ditch car, needs sleep. A hotel that's probably not even a one star, dark lot in back for car. Dylan hired to find her, but believes she innocent, lets her slip. Police within 5 states on look out for her. Email lets her know he believes she is innocent, she didn't commit murder. Can she disguise herself enough, while collecting solid evidence, against the murderers. She stumbles upon an abused child, will this destroy her chances of freeing herself. Evil surrounds her, she doesn't know who to trust. Will she even get out alive. A delightful thriller, once again. by Terri Blackstock. Given ARC by Net Galley for my voluntary review and my honest opinion.

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