12 Rules for Life PDF Download

By: Jordan B. Peterson

Relase Date: 2018-01-23

Genre: Psychology, Self-Development

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I will say that this has been a refreshing book to read. Dr. Peterson is definitely a genius and it shows in this book. An educated man who is always learning and never willing to come to a place that he will not learn anything else is a rarity in academia. This desire for truth instead of ideology shows and is what I really enjoyed even when it crossed my own ideas.


When I initially got this book I expected it to be at least decent. I was very happy to realize it was a well thought out, well organized, and written in a way that makes it approachable. It was a good read and I highly recommend it.


Absolutely great book. I was touched by the author’s sensivity and depth of analysis about important issues related to our daily lives. Very well written and will keep in my library for reference for many many years. Thank you.


Surprised so many people liked this book. Love his talks but this book is terrible.


This book is the single most authoritative fusion of ancient wisdom and contemporary social challenges we face today. This masterpiece synthesizes individual and collective interests in one cohesive work. A must read.

From Laventille With Love

I find it so interesting that I discovered Peterson and his work just when I began to apply some of the very things he presents in this book. This was truly a blessing that has already impacted my life profoundly. I managed to complete this in less than a week and almost cried when it ended. (I actually kinda did, tbh). Will be reading again with a few of my friends. I appreciate your sacrifice, Dr. Peterson!


Great psychologist and thinker.

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