The Silent Corner PDF Download

By: Dean Koontz

Relase Date: 2017-06-20

Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Fiction & Literature

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I’m not a huge Koontz fan, but I had this one recommended to me. It’s not in my wheelhouse for storytelling, but I enjoyed the read, and will certainly check out Book 2 in the series.


Extremely well done detail. Very believable story, that keeps the reader engrosses and anxious. The ending seems a bit sudden, but that adds to the strength of the story. Will be reading the series one right after the other.


Loved this book, but the ending was very disappointing and anticlimactic.


no way Koontz wrote this book…the person that wrote this doesn’t know what the hell they are doing….like a clumsy 16yo boy trying to get to second base…….this ‘author’ has diahrea of the theasaurus … many unnecessary words….after 4 chapters…I knew 1. this wasn’t written by Koontz and 2. only fake reviewers or idiots would give this trash anything more than one star

Skeeter an

Outstanding series!! Absolutely one of his best. Looking forward to the next one.


Once again mind blowing experience by the master of this genre and the most creative wallpapering for locations and characters. As I’m writing this I have began the next book with extreme fear of loosing any of the good guys/girls.....Sir you simply rock. PS. I’m sorry that I failed to review the Silent Corner I’m afraid I didn’t want to wait to star reading the next chapter of this amazing story.

Wasted Monday.

Even F. Scott himself would have admired the visually descriptive narrative of this very talented author. This takes reading from a simply exciting pleasure to an educational cornucopia of unlimited portions. The subjects offered are close enough to reality to find a believable home in the mind, yet far enough away to slip in a few hours of restful sleep before this world enters yet another tribulation of chaos. One can’t wait for the ever evolving portrait of Jane Hawk to once again print itself out in even more definitive color on the black and white pages of such highly literate fiction (if in fact it is fiction). Total enjoyment.

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