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By: A. J. Finn

Relase Date: 2018-01-02

Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers,

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Unlike the other reviews, I liked the rest of the story but not the ending. The ending was a bit lame. I did take turns thinking which character was the one who done it. And the actual one did come to mind a few times, so I wasn’t too surprised. The ending fight was stupid. The reveal that “so and so was right” was right all along was wack. It just kinda ended like oh, ok.


The whole book is about a woman drinking in her home, spying on her neighbors. A drunk sloppy mess. Repetitive and boring.


Where have all the great writers gone? Hemingway, Steinbeck, Fitzgerald.. Grisham and Paterson, and in my estimation, this book " Woman in the Window" are prices of a non- demanding reading public. Don't push the edges.. Just give me something to read quickly and discuss over a glass of wine. This was very (VERY) predictable..No stretch to the imagination, overworked imagery!


Finn’s writing style certainly wouldn’t be considered high brow and took getting used to and most, but not all, of the plot twists were easy to figure beforehand. The descriptive narrative was generally weak making parts of the story hard to imagine and could have been developed more. However the central character was compelling and overall the story was interesting enough to hold me until the end.


This book spoon fed me all the gripping details that kept me anxious to find out what was unfolding in the plot. It kept me tied up in knots.....but in a good way. I love this style of writing. Highly recommend this book


I honestly thought this book was going to be really good, but was a little disappointed. It was not bad, but the first big twist I had figured out in the first chapter or two, and found myself waiting for it to be revealed. The book did drag on a bit, it took me a while to read only because I found it hard to pick up and get really interested sometimes. I was very surprised by the ending however, and did not see it coming!!(actually gave me goosebumps). The ending itself did make the read worth it, but I wish it didn’t take soo long with all the repetition. I can however see this being a more interesting movie, which I believe is in the works now, so let’s see how that works out!


Hard to have put the book down. Finished in 3 days.

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