Ruthless King PDF Download

By: Meghan March

Relase Date: 2017-10-17

Genre: Contemporary, Romance

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Lachlan Mount is the alpha of all alphas. You fall in love with him the moment Kiera opens her office door. His demanding yet caring nature had me hooked! Couldn’t put this book down! My favorite book from Meghan so far!


This book was so disappointing. I enjoy her other novels but this storyline is terrible and much less believable than the others.


Just when I thought I figured out what was coming next, Meghan made sure there was a plot twist. And the ending made me pause. It made me jump into the next book.

Amber L. W

An absolute must read. This trilogy and the following trilogy, set in the same time and place, is astounding. Strongly written, bold characters that show major development, and an amazing plot with twists and turns that will keep you on your toes. These 6 books are page turners and I read them all in 4 days. High praise for Meghan March and her brilliant writing.


Couldn’t put the book down!


This book was terrible! Can’t even make it through the first chapter,I like sexy,but I didn’t even have a chance to care about these people before the ridiculous sets in.


This entire trilogy was an amazing read. I finished the last one in just a few days. It had the right amount of everything, sex, love, crime, suspense. I loved it!!!!

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