When Life Gives You Lululemons PDF Download

By: Lauren Weisberger

Relase Date: 2018-06-05

Genre: Fiction & Literature,

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Lighthearted easy reading at its best. It felt like catching up with old friends to read about Emily’s life after Runway.


Too sweet, too happy ending, not spicy enough


I really enjoyed reading this book!


Bland and boring! I was so excited to read this book since Devil Wears Prada was so good! I couldn’t wait to finish this! Not much of a story and had weak characters.


I have read every book since Prada and this was the first one where I felt intrigued, surprised and delighted by the escapism of her characters lives with enough of a plot to keep you captivated. GIVE IT A TRY! Great summer read I couldn’t put down!




Going into this my hopes were not high. This book have drama, fun, bougie and relatable. I loved it!! Furthermore the characters all brung something different to the story. So upset I finished it ... can’t wait to read about Emily as a mom and Karolina possible getting pregnant.

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