Everything Trump Touches Dies PDF Download

By: Rick Wilson

Relase Date: 2018-08-07

Genre: Political Science, Politics & Current Events

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Great read! Informative without pulling any punches and hella fun too. Trump peeps, get over it folks. America will not go down with the Donald! American people aren’t going to let it happen😏


Excellent read! Informative and hilarious! Couldn’t put it down!


Fantastic writing. Even handed, and educational for me, a Liberal. Put everything regarding Trump into perspective, and how conservative media created him, starting in 2010. Funny, (Usay and Qursay...I love it), and a thoroughly good read. Every PolySci class in college should read this book!


I loved reading ETTD. Consider the context in light of what I believe. I’m a Baby Boomer. I believe that young people are right. Put our tax dollars to work. Enforce prison reform. Create a just immigration system. Tell the military to reduce its ranks and modernize its approach. Tax the rich at an increasing percent level for each additional $100,000 they make, support schools, forgive student debt, make public college education free again, make racism illegal, separate church and state, invest in clean energy jobs, fix our crumbling infrastructure, support refugees, protect social security, end Citizens United, support a free press, eliminate the electoral college, resurrect the Equal Rights Amendment, enforce reproductive rights, increase the minimum wage substantially, support voting rights, hold Big Pharma and Wall Street accountable for their practices and, by all means, provide Medicare for All.


I love Rick Wilson. He pulls no punches, and he's hilarious, but also serious about the dire situation our country is in. He understands and explains how we got from conservative intellectuals like William Buckley to the divisive, spineless, amoral, know nothing, sell-outs and traitors who control the Republican Party today.

Donald Trump touched a company and made profit. He also touched our tax code and saved taxpayers money. Trump touched NOKO and denuclearized it. Obama touched healthcare and made it worse. Obama touched Iran and bribed them. Biden touched a jet and killed 133 people. He also voted for higher premiums. More like everything the establishment touches dies.


What a great book by Rick Wilson about the stain on America that is Donald Trump. Rick explains how this idiot of a man became the leader of the free world and how if we give up the fight, our nation, our freedom and our country will be lost forever. I hope that he and many others are willing, as JFK said in his Inaugural speech “Let every nation know, whether is wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and success of liberty”. Rick Wilson has shown our great nation the way. All we need to do is find the courage to do what we must, to gain back the America that most of us know and love.

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