Besting the Billionaire - Complete Series PDF Download

By: Elizabeth Lennox

Relase Date: 2018-07-19

Genre: Contemporary, Romance

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By Elizabeth Lennox Absolutely worth reading! All 3 stories are adorable and want to make you say awwwwwe!


I like all the 3 characters of the triplets. I finished the first book in one night, it was great story can’t put it down.


This was an exciting book. I could not put it down. I have all of Elizabeth Lennox’s book.


What a great series! I loved the dominant but soft hearted men and the strong willed independent women in each story. This is what romance is all about!


I could not put these series down! It is a very well written, romantic story and the epilogues did not disappoint! I love how the thoughts of Dante, Micah and Antoniv consequently followed after the feelings and thoughts of Jayden, Janine and Jasmine. This book gave me that ‘feel good’ vibes to kick off my long weekend!


Wow. I couldn’t put the books down once I started. How do triplets find love and yet still maintain what they’ve always been? Part of a triad can expand by three and then many more. As diverse as the ladies are, Jayden, Jasmine and Jannine, they find three hunks that are as similar as the ladies are but also as different.


Enjoyed these books very much and read the three book series in one day. Love your books and have read all of your books available to me on iBooks. Please keep the stories coming!

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