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By: David Baldacci

Relase Date: 2019-04-16

Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Fiction & Literature

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WaxisDead :-(

Amazing story again!!! Only issue, not sure if related to download of the book to my iPad ?IOS version (most up to date per settings), there were a lot of grammatical &/or mis-spellings????? I.E.: curb (kerb)...

ginger pumpkin

Really enjoyed joyed the unexpected plot twists. Melvin Mars has emerged as a very interesting addition.


Previous books in this series were much better. I appreciated most of it anyway, but the ending was rushed, quite superficial. And Amos is like a poot wet dog sometimes, not a character I was used to


3/5 stars. I continue to like the Decker character. Author includes a lot of minutia unrelated to the plot and character development. Tedious read...skimmed over a lot of parts that were predictable and boring.


Boring n not believable. Characters too hard to follow. Amos too sorry for himself. Stopped reading after halfway.


It was a labor to read and must have been laborious to write. On and on and on over the same pitiful “if this and not that.” The written style was more of a made for TV script than sounding like novel. There was no doubt about the tragedy suffered (in a previous novel) by the leading character but did he have to feel sorry for himself through the entire book? Just page after page of too much beating an old dog with no new substance.


One of his best. His stories just keep getting better.

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