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By: Lee Child

Relase Date: 2000-07-17

Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers,

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This was my first read by Lee Child. I am not impressed. It was somewhat refreshing to see a different style of writing. Unlike the usual, cliché monster male serial killer, it was a female this time. But it was way too unrealistic. The way he laid the Plot just did not add up. And hypnotism, seriously? Is that the best you could come up with? Should’ve put it under fantasy fiction


“Running Blind”-an enjoyable, complex Jack Reacher mystery (#4 in the series and sometimes entitled “The Visitor") by Lee Child. Roaming ex-MP Reacher is still anchored at Garrison, NY & in love with Jodie. But standing up for someone creates thorny situations for him and others, full of tight timelines and much danger, as puzzling situations get deeper and Reacher is a key player. Five ENGAGING Stars. (RBSProds)

CT Irish

Typical Lee Childs thriller. Character development was spot on and the story line moved me both emotionally and anxious. I rate this early Reacher novel four stars out of five.


Like other authors, I try to read their works from the beginning so I have much catching up to do with Lee Child. That being said, I found this to be much better written than his first two books. The twist at the end was far less obvious and the main character had more depth. The plot was far more engaging and the whodunit part was well disguised. Soon I will start on the next book in the series expecting an even bigger improvement and hope not to be disappointed.


This tale is vintage Jack Reacher. Lee Child has created a most interesting character in Reacher. This tale delves into how Reacher's mind solves riddles. The book moves swiftly and with the tart yet delightful dialogue that keeps the reader turning the pages. The finale is unexpected and well thought out.


A great reading full of suspense.


I could not predict this ending at all. Kept be guessing the entire time. Loved it!!!

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