Fool's Assassin PDF Download

By: Robin Hobb

Relase Date: 2014-08-12

Genre: Epic, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Fitz can sense life in a dark room but assumes his wife is crazy and can not sense his friend? What is this? 2 critical points in the book and he is witless? - for 2 YEARS! Sorry I am very disappoint.


do we have to wait to find out what happens next? Didn't realize how much I missed this series or characters.


I am so glad to reunited with some of my favorite characters of all time! Now Robin Hobb has introduced me to some NEW BLOOD and I CAN NOT WAIT to find out what happens next!


I will admit I was skeptical after the first 50 or so pages. I thought this was another Hobb disaster like the Soldier Son debacle. But it does get better. It never gets as good as the Rainwilds series, and doesn't have the interesting characters of her dragon sagas, but I did ultimately enjoy the book. I will buy the next book when it becomes available. That's about as much praise as this deserves. But I am hoping for better.


For any fan of the Assassin's Apprentice series, this is a dream come true! Be ready for an emotional roller coaster that had me, literally, gripping the edge of my seat as I read.

Pic- one

I could not stop reading this amazing book.


I've read everything from Assassin's Apprentice to the Rainwilds Chronicles. This book was my favorite so far! So cleverly written and wonderfully engaging, I couldn't put it down. It was like falling in love with the Fool all over again... And Nighteyes. Exceptional. Can't wait for the next one.

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