Switched (A Humorous Romantic Mystery) PDF Download

By: Elise Sax

Relase Date: 2014-07-28

Genre: Women Sleuths, Mysteries & Thrillers

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When Jackson left Debra at the alter, he broke her heart and her bank account. Now he's off on a dream honeymoon for one, and she's got only a few weeks to vacate their condo before he sells it out from under her. With nothing left to loose, Debra quickly agrees to a house swap vacation, a chance to get away on a budget and stay on a picturesque island of the coast of Spain. But a rodent invasion, a missing waitress, and a sexy cafe owner promise to make this one vacation she will never forget. The Verdict: After reading Bounty, I couldn't wait to get my hands on more books by Elise Sax. But alas, books aren't usually in my budget, so I've been watching and waiting for a deal. When Switch popped up in a sale, I jumped at it, having read the first chapter in a sneak peak and knowing I was in for another great read. Unfortunately, it didn't really turn out the way I'd expected. The story started off well enough, with the rather humorous dramatics of a jilted woman and her attempts to come to grips with her break-up, her financial woes, and the bad decisions — in hindsight — that got her there. With the kind of spontaneity anyone who's ever been dumped can understand, she signs on for a vacation on a small island, heading off to what she hopes will be a rather peaceful adventure where she can get her head together. But her best laid plans are shot to hell by a million mice, a sexy but gruff cafe owner, and some strange disappearances of local women. That should have been where things got really fun — at least for the reader — but for me, it's where things began to fall apart. Any connection I'd felt to Debra faded rather quickly, and I just didn't understand her attraction to Doyle. Perhaps he was supposed to be mysterious, but I just saw him as strange, and his somewhat apathetic attitude toward her certainly didn't win him any points in my book. He did seem to care about her at times — like the whole swimming thing when she got sick on the party yacht — but that bit was rather fractured. There was no consistency to him, and the more I read, the less it all made sense to me. As things got stranger and more over-the-top, what interest I had in finding out what happened next waned, and I ended up bailing at the 50% mark.

Brice rice 1

I just loved this book! Amazing plot and story. I just loved the characters too!


I love Elise Sax! So I will pretty much read anything she writes because I know it will be great! And she didn't disappoint me on Switched! Once I started, I couldn't put it down until I was finished. Lots of laughs and action!


Another great romantic comedy from Elise Sax. Romance and suspense combined with scenes so funny I laughed out loud. Loved it! Can't wait for the next one!

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